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A Human Network

Date - 2023

South Bank University 

Final Year submission (Part 1)

The Human Network is a proposal to redesign how society can build itself around the object we currently value most - Data.

The project is a flexible, modular, co-habitation development located in tower hamlet with the aim to weave the fabric of human connections, energy, and social equality together through the constructive principle of equitism.


The site responds to this philosophy using innovative technologies where transparent solar cells are connected to the unit’s feeding energy to the data center underwater. These data center’s hold and store the resident's information, creating an off-the-grid private network. Where wasted energy is then reused to power the homes above ground, creating a harmonious cycle of energy.


This is combined with co-living and co-working facilities to allow residents to connect, learn and discuss artistic ideologies as well as showcase their work to the communities around the site, forming a material yet digital blend of advertisement helping generate wealth through exposure.


The design is then wrapped in a facade of landscape allowing a biodiverse ecosystem to develop, for residents and local communities to inhabit for farming and growing resources that can be used for consumption, construction, or bringing trade back to this historic part of London.

Conceptual Ideology

Image 3.jpg

Masterplan Section

Image 1_edited.jpg


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